I’m So Good


Image source: http://thereikigallv.info/healing-the-people-pleaser/

I’m so good
I pay My bills on time
I want to pay them beforehand
I get anxious when I’m not at My computer and can’t pay them right away
I hold the door open for people
I pick up the trash on the street
I eat healthy
I exercise
I create
I help out My family
Yes, I do all those things
Sometimes I do those things when I don’t want to
I please people
I’m an addict
I’m addicted to pleasing
I want people to like me
Not all the time but when I’m feeling empty
I fill the void with superficial stuff
I do those things too
Sometimes I write because I want to be liked as well
I’m ashamed of it
I like to be liked
I love likes
I love subscriptions
They fill me up
I virtually erupt
When I’m liked a lot
Sometimes I’m not
And if You’re hot
It might hurt so much
Like there’s a knot
Somewhere inside My gut
After it’s all done
I bathe in the sun
Lick My wounds
Play it cool
Even if I look like a fool

I’m still human,

Ian Altosaar

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