In Death

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Death has a strange way of giving life to new perspectives
They always go hand in hand
If You taste one, You have one foot in the other
That’s the nature and cycle of life

It’s a terribly soothing concept
In all it’s glory and power
So powerful, yet so fragile

Nothing will leave it’s way
And soon this will end as well

It has a way of uncovering all the bullshit
And gracefully spreading it out

For all to see
Your wounds uncovered in blood

For the world to taste
And for You to face

Let go my dear
Nothing left to fear

God is now so clear
So desperately near
Reach out and feel the tears
Running from your eyes, in the shapes of pears

The taste of life is on Your tongue
Shivering, waiting for the songs unsung
There will be a place and time
To let this out, perhaps by rhyme

Ian Altosaar

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