In Search For Emotion

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We do most things in life for the sake of feeling something we perceive to be good. An emotional reaction.
But actually, we don’t have to do anything to feel a certain kind of emotion. We can just sit and wait. Some call this meditation. Ponder and get clear with ourselves. After that feeling that emotion can come on it’s own.
So before doing something, achieve emotional clarity and then go do it. Otherwise, You will drive around in Your fancy car and fancy suit and wonder why You are still unhappy. Or already wanting the next big thing or the next fancy suit or something to fill up that void inside of You.

This is not meant to hold You from taking action (or to say that fancy suits and cars are bad, they are pretty awesome as well.) On the contrary, this is meant to inspire You to take more meaningful and purposeful action that You have ever taken in Your life.


Ian Altosaar

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