As A Man

Image source: Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels,

The amount of love You can give to this world as a man is actually nonparallel to anything

That is Your greatest gift
But You have to shift Your thinking
And Your being
In the direction of seeing things from a different perspective
This is Your path
There is none equal to this
You will hit
And You will miss
Your dedication is key
Showing up each day
Will give You the practice
You require
To maneuver places still hidden by consciousness

Through the cycles of life, Your heart will be broken
And rebuilt
You will experience guilt
Even when doing the right thing
This is one of the paradoxes of this life
A silent sting
Not knowing what the day will bring

Ian Altosaar

Listen to the audio version here:!/@ianaltosaar/20180504t141445182z-as-a-man

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