Is Astrology Bullsh*t? Featuring Liz from Snow City Tarot #astrology

Think astrology is fake just because a few people who don’t know that much about it think that it is?

Astrology is facing a lot of flack from all areas.

For example, famous scientists are calling it bull**** and downplaying it massively.

Here’s a quote from Neil DeGrasse Tyson: “If you want to believe in astrology, go right ahead. Just don’t base any decision, that relates to your health, your wealth, and your security on it”.

“Shield all your friends from doing the same. Otherwise, what could go wrong? Basing decisions on what people thought was true about the Universe 2000 years ago. Basically, it’s all bullshit”.

Extremely kind words.

But these quotes (and similar ones) are from people who really don’t know much about it, who haven’t looked deeply into it, and haven’t made daily observations regarding the movements of the planets in our solar system.

In this video, we discuss some scientific studies that have been done in the past, and some of our own personal work regarding this spiritual science we choose to call astrology.

Come join us as we dissect the “astrology is bull****” perspective with Liz from Snow City Tarot.

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