“If I don’t have money/possessions I’m not lovable!” Beliefs about money revealed with astrology

Working on projects that You don’t really like just for financial reasons?

Over working Yourself to the ground?

Tired, unhappy, and empty inside no matter how much money or possessions You have?

There’s a high probability that You have a hidden belief within Your consciousness that is keeping You stuck in constant fear.

In this video, I dissect the belief “If I don’t have money or possessions, I won’t be lovable”.

From the origins of the belief, astrological configurations associated with it, as well as the potential solution, this video is jam packed with information that will lead You towards emotional and material freedom.

Astrological configurations discussed in the video:

Scorpio in the 2nd house

Pluto in the 2nd house

2nd house ruler with Pluto in hard aspect or in Scorpio

2nd house ruler in the 8th house

Venus with Pluto in hard aspect

Venus in the 8th house

Ian Altosaar

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