One of the greatest liberations for a human being is understanding that most people only care about the individual because it affects them in some way.

So in truth, they are actually only caring about themselves.

In this painful discovery it is easy to give into despair and pain.

But if You look deeper, this offers the individual more freedom in their life.

Because now they are free from the burden or expectation of thinking people should care about me. Or another popular one, I need others to care about me.

The understanding now leads to “Nobody really cares about me truly”.

This sobering moment of truth allows the individual to finally grow up and step into mature relationships. And start to care about themselves on a deeper level. A journey into being sovereign.

Where the expectation of “needing” somebody to care about me is substituted with mature understanding.

This doesn’t mean selfishness but a rather rational way of looking at life. Some might call it the truth of what is, or reality.

And to those asking, isn’t there no true caring in the world?

Yes there is but this type of mature caring exists within individuals who have conquered loneliness and emptiness within themselves. Or they are free within themselves.

Meaning, this is extremely rare on this planet of ours currently.

Wishing You freedom on Your journey through space and time.

Ian Altosaar

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