Mortality And FREEDOM

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Life is a process of allowing Your own death and simultaneously the deaths of others.

The minute You are born on this planet You start dying.

That is the most certain thing about Your existence here.

A hard pill to swallow.

Yet it is so natural to our time here. The most natural process in nature.

So why do we resist it so much?

Because it’s scary and seemingly more easy to look away from it.

Pretend like it’s okay and laugh and do all sorts of activities.

Until it’s not.

Until the fear of death has such a strong grip on Your being, You stop living.

You start shaking.

I see these people often.

Laughing and joking but at the same time terrified.

Smoking and small-talking away but shivering inside.

They have not looked at their own mortality yet.

Now, this is the time spiritual leaders usually jump in or positive thinkers and say “But what about focusing on positivity?”

Or “Focusing on death too much can have a terrible effect on a person.”

Or “You should focus on living instead!” 

Or something along those lines.

Although they hold some truth within them, these truths focus on only one side of the spectrum.

And life is a myriad of many spectrums. We have to look at them all “to live”.

Why You may ask at this particular moment?

Otherwise, we suppress our fears, or in this case a very particular fear. Something that is very natural to our very humanity.

That usually leads to illness, and in some cases death itself. So You are forced to look at it regardless of Your suppression.

In a way, Your life depends on accepting Your own mortality.

Then You are finally free, You are finally able to start truly living.

Within Your acceptance and grief of Your own mortality lies the key to Your joy and happiness.

Ian Altosaar

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