About Feeling

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Everything You ever do is tied to feeling something.

It is Your desire to feel so intensely that is fueling Your every action or move.

Grasp for the phone and social media, want to feel connected to someone or something.

Going for that prestigious career or big job or building a big company, want to feel powerful and appreciated by others.

Going to the gym to build those rock hard abs? Want to feel attractive to others and get attention.

Putting in those breast implants and fake lips? Want to feel seen, get the attention of others. Want to feel worthy of love.

You see, everything is connected to feeling something.

Instead of going for those things immediately it is good to do an internal audit.

What am I wanting to get or feel out of this?

Is it love? Power? Appreciation?

Wanting to feel worthy of love?

Wanting to feel loved?

Understanding the underlying reason will do two things.

First, it will show You the real reason behind Your desire.

And second, You will understand if You really want to do the actual thing or not.

You might just wake up and understand that the reason why You are working so hard is to earn the love of others. Usually one of the parents.

Knowing that will give You the freedom to choose differently. To choose a different way of making a living. One that doesn’t kill You.

Or asking that question can make You realize that the reason You are wanting those fake boobs is to get attention from men. In all truth probably Your father. And giving that attention to Yourself is all You actually need.

Then You don’t need to put chemicals into Your body anymore. You can just love Yourself more deeply.

Many variations this can take. Hopefully, this will give You an idea of how everything is connected to wanting to feel something.

Ian Altosaar

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