My Swollen Heart


Image source: Imagination land

My heart is swollen

From all the beating it has taken

It’s been open and closed

Love has awaken it and fear has sealed it

It has been conditional so far

What happens on the outside

Affects the inside of me

As I’m learning this is not the way to go

Oh no

Can I trust once more?

Or even many, many times over again?

I’m giving it My all

On this journey filled with doubt and fear

Rejection and sadness

Loneliness and emptiness

I’m putting one foot in front of the other

This is shaky ground

My mind wants to stop

But I can’t anymore

I want to do this

I want to love

I want to live

I want to trust

Through all the bullshit

There’s a whole ton of it

So it is

I pick up the pieces once more

With wobbly hands

Venture into the unknown

Cause My heart is beating on it’s own

With love,

Ian Altosaar

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