Our Lives


Image source: http://miriadna.com/forest

Our lives are just quietly fading away into the darkness
We are just desperately trying to find significance in it all
Doing our little tasks, wearing our masks
For what? Some new goal? Some shallow, almost hollow meaning we are giving our all to give it?
We are in a hurry, to the next thing
Next possession, next achievement
Deliriously longing for it, staring into the screens of nothingness
Brutal pain on this train of life
Speeding through
Lost in itself
Filling it with leftovers
From two days ago
Just take a minute
Breathe it in, deep within
Just like that buddy
Now, how do You feel?
Lean? Seen?
By Yourself that is
This is freedom
Everything melts into You
Liberty from all comes from acceptance
You are powerful now
You can stand on Your own two feet
Like a fleet approaching the coast
Strong, together, on a mission
As life grants You admission
In to Your heart

With love,

Ian Altosaar

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