Image source: Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

You brush Your hair
He does not notice
You’re full of despair
Maybe he just does not care anymore?
No, this is not the whole truth
His love has grown deeper
He notices, he cares
He is there
Forever and always
He does his best
To give You the stare
That was there
At the beginning
So the lonely grey hair
Will go unnoticed
But the love is still growing
Some days less
Some days more
Even when You are cold
And he is scared
He will step up boldly
Just be sure to see him wholly
As well
This game is one of give and take
We all know what’s at stake
Slowly into maturity, this is the road we must take
No, it is not a piece of cake
Just an everyday road
To become more holy

With love

Ian Altosaar

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