“Old SOUL”

Photo by Jake Travis on Unsplash

The concept of the “old soul” that has been popularized in modern spirituality needs a more thorough understanding.

If not approached carefully, it can lead, yet again, the individual to think that they are better than those who are not “old souls.”

Truthfully, and quite humorously, it is the individual who is actually feeling not good enough themselves. While at the same time thinking that others are not good enough.

It is this very concept of not good enough in the individual’s mind that is actually holding on and needing the idea of an “old soul.”

There is actually no age, the concept is human developed and in spiritual realms, this doesn’t exist.

Souls might have different purposes and qualities but the concept of age and the concept of an old soul is human-created.

And if You ask Yourself truthfully, why do a You need to be an old soul?

Or how is this concept serving You?

The answer lies within Your self-confidence as a human being. This is not a special concept You need to attach Yourself to.

Hoping for Your reaching for freedom.

Ian Altosaar

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