Peaches And Beaches

Image source: Unknown

Peaches and beaches
Ripped out from the hands of teachers
Sleepless, speechless, as if feet less
Recess from the digress, needless to say
Looking for themselves, defense
From the inside, hide and confide
In one another, ride the high vibes
Of our times, these lives, reside
In the sublime tide inside
Abide by the rules, these fools, so cool
Make room to soon, never to loom
Again, bloom in school, arrive with a
Monsoon, aloofly wondering the moon
Kaboom! Grow roots, watch as they carry their loots
Because they are rebels, forever and ever
Clever, leverage they have and need
To succeed and be freed by the very same need
Agreed as we feed the stream of light tonight
I might even say it’s stage fright
In it lies the essence, the dependence
Remembrance of ourselves
Hiding where we once looked
Shook by the findings, bindings
Lively and untimely, reminding
Crying, sighing, mightily
Looking at the creation of miniscule
Tools, I yet not know how to use
Bruised but soothed
Finding my way back to the hood
Where I grew, flew way down south
Only to return in the stern
Yearn for Myself.

Ian Altosaar

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