Ripped From The Hearts Of Men

Image source: Just before sunset, Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa. Picture I took during My walk.

Laughing at the skies, remise the disguise of yesterday.

Mourn the laughter clinging tightly, nightly to our unhappiness.

Togetherness roams romantically across the lands and sweeps up his disciples with a warm embrace.

Case in hand, lost and found, roaming around, astounded, dumbfounded by the long lasting longing.

As I step into the longing it starts to melt on it’s own, row now, loud and proud, splash and rehash, find the stash, hidden in the pockets of pioneers, last frontiers, riding into the night, finding sunlight disappearing into nothingness.

It will appear again. It will stare me in the face again.

Until then hammer love fiercely into the hearts and minds of men, give them a lens to see it clearly, nearly ripe for plucking their innocence, freedom and wholeness.

Gently I put my arms around them, ask of stories to tell, assure them with conviction, it will all be over soon.

Greatly, namely holding on to something outside of Myself, looking at Myself, lasting loneliness that feels so sweet.

Mystical flavor of life, weirdly contradictory and playful.

Twisting My insides, this is where I confide in, ride in, hide in, decide in.

Ian Altosaar

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