A Guide For Pluto in the 4th House in Astrology – Inner Strength Through Emotional Hell

I write about Pluto a lot. It is one of the most (if not the MOST) difficult influences to deal with in our lives. What does Pluto in the 4th house or in conjunction with the IC mean?

I’ve also explained what Pluto is in our material reality here. Please go read at least the beginning of that post before You continue reading this new one.

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The 4th house in Astrology

What does the 4th house represent in our lives?

  • The home and childhood environment.
    • The first part of our lives it is the childhood home, and how things might have played (or are still playing) out in that habitat.
    • When we grow up, it is our family and home surroundings.
  • Emotional security, safety, and foundations. Our ability to experience emotional happiness.
  • How we parent and how we were parented.
  • One of the parents. Very often the mother but with the roles reversed in our modern society, it can be the father.
  • Real estate, land, the physical home, or property.
  • The true vocation of the person.

I’ve recorded short and free videos about the houses (and astrology in general) here.

The IC in Astrology

The IC is one of the 4 most important angles in Astrology. It is at the bottom of the chart.

The IC holds the same meaning as the 4th house but this is the point of entry into the 4th house. This is the focus point = this means that the energy and the manifestations in real life are much stronger whenever anything hits or touches it through aspects.

An example of Pluto in the 4th house AND in applying conjunction to the IC.

Pluto in conjunction with the IC

I’ve explained aspects in Astrology on another one of my websites here and here. Go and check those posts out to better understand the conjunction.

But what are the actual manifestations of the event? I’ve done my best to dissect the natal influence (when You were born with Pluto in the 4th house or conjunct the IC) and by transit. But they do overlap!

Remember, with the transit You will feel the following themes strongly during the actual conjunction. With Pluto, the repeating conjunctions can last for about 3-4 years.

If You were born with Pluto in the 4th house, the closer Pluto is to the IC, the stronger the influences.

Pluto in the 4th house natally or conjunct the IC

Let me just say and start with, I’m sorry You had to go through all that. Or even are still going through it. But the potential for You to grow emotionally stronger is immense.

What does it mean to live with Pluto in the 4th house or in conjunction with the IC?

  • Extremely controlling early childhood environment.
    • One of the parents is dominant and manipulative. The best-case scenario is that they are either extremely rich or wealthy. They can even work for a criminal organization or the mob.
    • Emotional manipulation and sudden bursts of anger in the habitat itself are common.
    • The parent or parents can make the individual responsible for their emotions or feelings. Thus breaking the natural energetic flow from the parent to the child. A monumentally painful experience for the child.
    • Emotional abuse and or trauma inflicted on the individual. The person carries many layers of shame because of this.
  • Many ups and downs as well as extremes when growing up.
    • This can be an early death of a parent, or multiple deaths in the family. Another probability is that one of the parents experiences lots of emotional ups and downs (empowerment to powerlessness, or even bipolar disorder).
    • It can also mean parents divorcing, or having affairs.
  • Sexual abuse in childhood. Overly sexualized surroundings.
    • Later on in life, these individuals can attract abusive partners.

Other manifestations of Pluto in the 4th house natally or conjunct the IC

  • The best-case scenario is that the early home or family is powerfully connected, and has an influence in the world. Or are in the esoteric fields and/or researchers (even morticians).
  • Hidden and dark secrets within the family.
    • This can again be sexual abuse of someone else or that someone in the family is a serial abuser.
    • Murderers, criminals in the family.
    • Cheating between spouses can come to light later.
  • The physical home or real estate undergoes many transformations.
    • The worst case scenarios are the destruction of properties, losing the property to banks or it being taken by the banks. Later on in life, the person can then buy the property back.
    • Abrupt changing of the living situation.
    • Living in places that need constant transformation and remodelling.
    • This can also mean that the person prefers privacy, and lives near a cemetery.
  • All of this will translate into deep and underlying emotional strength, the individual feels like they can take on anything. Emotional fluctuations between extremes of “I can do anything” and “I’m worth nothing and capable of nothing” are still common.

Pluto in the 4th house by transit or conjunct the IC

These will be some heavy years for You personally. I hope this blog post helps to prepare You for it.

  • A sudden increase in sexual desire, even a need for sexual expression.
    • This can be good if channelled properly. For example, going into tantric practices. The negative side of this can be porn addiction.
  • Painful traumas, wounds, and hurts come to the surface from childhood.
    • These sometimes come in the form of memories, sensations, feelings, beliefs, and even images in the mind’s eye.
  • Experiencing anxiety and fear seemingly out of thin air.
    • Many fears can be associated with material survival.
    • Some with emotional security and safety. It will be increasingly (as the transit progresses) more difficult for the individual to feel safe anywhere.
    • I wrote the following line during my own personal transit with Pluto in conjunction with the IC “Living with Pluto conjunct the IC for 3 years is like living with perpetual fear constantly.” I still believe this is totally on point.
  • Experiencing darkness as well as depression.
    • Dark thoughts, nothing seems to have meaning at all. This can quickly drive someone towards depression.
  • Huge emotional transformations come through suffering.
    • This unfortunately means big emotional fluctuations up and down. Reactions that come out of nowhere. They are all an expression of the profound pain internally.
  • Deep shame coming up to the surface to be healed and released.
    • This one is excruciatingly painful. The shame can be buried deep down and forgotten, and now it starts to rear its head.
  • Wanting and yearning for privacy. An intense need to be alone.
    • The person can become a hermit during this transit.
  • A sense of paranoia takes over the individual.
    • If not handled properly (with grounding techniques and deep emotional work) this can lead to violent outbursts or obsessing about peculiar matters. The underlying issue is that the person does not feel safe!
  • Relocating or transforming the living environment.

More events with Pluto in the 4th house by transit or conjunct the IC

  • The person develops an intense need to create a lot of material resources. Including money.
    • This is all to create more safety and security in their lives.
  • A tremendous want and desire for power, control, and dominance rises from within.
    • The story is still the same, to feel emotionally secure in their life.
    • This does not have to be bad. Power can be a force for good.
      • For example, taking back power from their parents and family.
      • Taking back power in all areas of their life that they lost somewhere down the line. This can be a career, workplace, spouse, or children.

Destruction and/or transformation of some of these relationships can also occur! With Pluto, it’s best to let go and surrender.

A mini guide for Pluto in conjunction with the 4th house cusp or IC or transiting the 4th house.

The theme here should actually be initiating transformation before Pluto “gets us”.

Pluto is here to transform our lives, so let’s give it some food for thought! Let us initiate the transformation ourselves. It won’t save us from destruction and death but it will make it more on our terms.

  • Transform Your living environment.
    • This can be in the form of relocation or even renovations in Your home. Start changing things and fixing broken things. Or places in the house where there’s damage for example.
  • Go deeper into things.
  • Get therapy or counselling.
    • This can be inner-child work or other methodologies. But the important thing to remember is Pluto will bring pain and trauma from Your childhood to the surface during transit Pluto in conjunction with the 4th house cusp. It’s better to have the tools necessary to deal with the once-in-a-lifetime occasion!
  • Practice the art of letting go.
    • We have recorded many episodes about letting go in the Cosmic Adults Podcast here, here, and even here.

Coming out of Pluto in the 4th house or in conjunction with the IC

I now salute You because You have gained incredible experience and transformed Your entire emotional life.

That inner strength and capacity You gathered now need venues to move into.

What are some examples of this in our human society?

  • Become a therapist or counsellor Yourself. Or a spiritual therapist who uses astrology (or tarot, tantric therapies).
  • Help people transform their emotions and feelings, and get them through traumatic experiences. This can also be a life coach or a crisis worker. Even a social worker.
  • Help others through difficult and abusive situations.
    • Start women’s or men’s shelters for example.

Use Your painful experiences and things learned through years of suffering to help others. There’s tremendous force and strength behind Your wounds! Use them for good!

Ian Altosaar

The Freedom Astrologer

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