Pluto Meaning in Astrology

Pluto Meaning in Astrology

Pluto meaning in Astrology is profoundly significant, emphasizing the transformative energy and deep symbolism of this celestial body. Grasping Pluto’s role in astrology is key to understanding its impactful influence on our lives and the world. This understanding encompasses exploring Pluto’s historical significance, astrological characteristics, symbolic meanings, and various planetary influences. Why trust me? I’m … Read more

A Guide For Pluto in the 4th House in Astrology – Inner Strength Through Emotional Hell

I write about Pluto a lot. It is one of the most (if not the MOST) difficult influences to deal with in our lives. What does Pluto in the 4th house or in conjunction with the IC mean? I’ve also explained what Pluto is in our material reality here. Please go read at least the … Read more

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 – World changes and predictions for all Zodiac signs

The planet of death and destruction, as well as transformation and power (even money, and lots of it), is starting its long transit in the sign of Aquarius. What will Pluto in Aquarius bring us globally and individually? I learned some of the things mentioned in this article from this book by Andre Barbault, and … Read more

Our wounds and the choices we make because of them- Saturn conjunct the Sun, Pluto, 8th house

Sabotaging Yourself in relationships? In career? As soon as an opportunity presents itself, You go straight into fear or trauma reactions? And end up making up excuses for Yourself and others why “You can’t do it”? That nice dude or dudette asks You out = You freeze and come up with an “white lie”? Someone … Read more

Are You scared of people eating Your food? – Venus, Moon, Pluto in Scorpio

Get triggered every time someone eats “the thing You really wanted to eat”? Need to “control the fridge”? Eat fast and rapidly because “You are afraid someone else will come and eat it”? You might be re-experiencing childhood trauma again and again. In this deeper video, I dissect a real-life story of a person I … Read more

Really into conspiracy theories? You might have some daddy issues (Pluto hard aspects)

In this video, I share a psychological pattern that I’ve observed with people who are “really into conspiracy theories”. This pattern was pointed out to me years ago, by one of my teachers Eivind Skjellum. He is the founder of Reclaim Your Inner Throne (men’s work). After I was made aware of this deeper pattern … Read more

Pluto Square And/Or Opposition Moon. Or From Emotional Manipulation To Emotional Power.

Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay The following article will explain the meaning of the difficulty of the hard aspects between Moon and Pluto. Or Pluto square and opposition with the Moon. This applies to a native that has these aspects natally or by transit. The bringer of transformation and death Pluto is most probably the … Read more

Pluto Square SUN In The Birth Chart. How You Lost Your POWER? And How To Reclaim it?

Photo by Luiza Braun on Unsplash In this article, I will dissect the meaning of the Pluto square Sun aspect in a person’s natal chart. This is a difficult aspect with a lot of potential for personal transformation and finding Your own power. Unfortunately, this also means that somewhere in Your past, Your power was … Read more

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Letting Go And Holding On.

Photo by Stanislava Stanchy on Unsplash In order to grow and move towards more meaning in Your life, a sacrifice has to be made. Because? To start living a new life You have to leave Your old life behind. With it, old ideas, old thoughts, old feelings. They need to go as well. This is … Read more

Pluto’s Negative and Positive Manifestations and Being the Ruler of Scorpio

Image source: Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash Most astrologer’s credit Mars with the rulership of the sign Scorpio. In my experiences with my own life and observing the lives of others, I can now see that it’s actually Pluto who rules the sign Scorpio. Or the constellation of Scorpio if You wish. About Pluto’s energy. The energy of … Read more