PROPHETIC Vision of the FUTURE of HUMANITY + LIBRA 2022 Horoscope

Got invited to share my astrological insights during the astrology marathon on Astrolada. This presentation is mostly for Libras this time, as I walk You through the coming year.

I also shared a vision that I had a couple of weeks ago about where our society and humanity in general is headed. Having these types of visions has been a part of me ever since childhood (or having these sorts of experiences). I’m finally at a place strong enough when I feel ready to share some of those.

Although, sometimes hard to believe, it is possible for us humans to gather information about the future while in the present moment.

At times this takes time, effort, questioning, prayer, just to name a few.

But if You are vigilant, and Your intent is pure, there are forces out there who want to benevolently commune with You, connect with You, and share information.

I hope You enjoy this video, and it helps You to find some light during a darker time in human history.

Ian Altosaar

2 thoughts on “PROPHETIC Vision of the FUTURE of HUMANITY + LIBRA 2022 Horoscope”

  1. Just found your Libra ’22 YouTube video from early December ’21 on So pleased to virtually encounter you! Am Libra ascendant @ 14* with Aries moon so found your insights most compelling. Just subscribed. Looking forward to Plutonian excavation into deeply buried dark corners while Venus is Retrograde. & Transforms to Max brilliance as Morning Star.


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