Uranus Retrograde 2022 Predictions For All the Zodiac Signs

Uranus retrograde 2022 period Almost all the planets need some Gatorade currently… If things get any worse and nobody gives them any other sports drink, Gatorade will have a monopoly on all the planets. To make things worse, the planet of truth, shocks, sudden surprises, lightning!, networks, systems, supply lines, and friends, followers is going … Read more

Can’t SLEEP WELL? Tested & Simple Remedies according to your Sign!

Rolling around sleepless during the middle of the night? Counting sheep doesn’t help? Each zodiac sign or person has their unique way of sleeping. This energy comes into play when we step into the bedroom. Start with Ascendant, then Sun and Moon signs. Aries can go into fantasy lands when they step into the bedroom, … Read more

The Cosmic Adults – Get Wired

In this week’s episode: The cyclical nature of life and how to use the Moon. Being “wired” or “tuned in” into the energies of the Moon cycle (Full Moons and New Moons). Differences between the cycles of women and men. Full Moon in Libra and the effects of it in our relationships. The slow energy … Read more

A NO JOKE April Fool’s New Moon! Loaded Aries 2022 Astrology!

Covered in this monthly overview: Transforming and letting go of deeper wounds = South node in Scorpio. Healing the masculine and inner warrior within ourselves = New Moon in Aries. Escalation of conflict, aggression, rising above difficulty, putting in practical efforts in the face of adversity = Saturn and Mars conjunction. Blind faith doesn’t get … Read more

Simple ways for the Zodiac signs to create more purpose and meaning in their lives – Libra

A lot of people think that purpose and meaning are some crazy, big, and mostly unattainable things for the general public. The opposite is actually true. We create meaning and purpose through at times seemingly easy things. Sometimes it looks like even too simple? “This can’t be it, it’s supposed to be something really big!” … Read more

Are You living someone else’s life? – Have You had enough? Example through Libras

Have this constant nagging feeling that You are not supposed to be doing what You are doing? High probability that You are scared to lose other people’s love and that fear is keeping You stuck in life. I share some astrological indicators, as well as emotional clues that can help You make better decisions for … Read more

PROPHETIC Vision of the FUTURE of HUMANITY + LIBRA 2022 Horoscope

Got invited to share my astrological insights during the astrology marathon on Astrolada. This presentation is mostly for Libras this time, as I walk You through the coming year. I also shared a vision that I had a couple of weeks ago about where our society and humanity in general is headed. Having these types … Read more