The greatest teacher of self-worth in the modern world is rejection.

After the first excruciating pain starts to fade away and Your thoughts about it all being because You are not enough to start to subside, You can then make honest assessments of Your skills, way of being in the world, and in the end, Your worth.

Rejection doesn’t mean You are not enough.

Rejection also doesn’t mean that growth is not necessary in Your life or that You never do anything wrong.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Rejection happens because of emotions, differences of skills, the difference in desires, differences in the ways of being, just to add a few.

And very often, rejection happens because it was meant to fuel You towards even bigger things.

The pain is sometimes there to light a fire under Your behind and wake You from the slumber.

Meaning, rejection at times is the best thing that ever happened to You.

But don’t make the mistake of letting pain devour Your being. This is where revenge lives that becomes hatred if it’s not released.

Release and let go

Hold on to what serves

Feel Yourself grow

You will get what You deserve


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