A Conversation About Energy Clearing And Healing With Medicine Man Joe Greenland

I recently recorded an interview with one of my mentors Joe Greenland about energy clearing, healing, connection to ourselves, and what actually happens during a session of energy clearing.

As the connection to other realms of existence is getting stronger and people are opening up, we need help and wisdom from people who have experiences in these areas.

Joe is one of these people and he has a huge bag of experiences to draw from.

From living on the streets and starting to listen to his inner guidance in order to survive in these conditions, to now using his gifts to guide people towards their own spiritual gifts.

True connection to ourselves and to our surroundings is sadly missing in our modern culture. I hope this video guides You towards a deeper understanding and sparks curiosity towards the unseen (or seen for some).

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/urTI1AnsW1c

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