Pluto Square And/Or Opposition Moon. Or From Emotional Manipulation To Emotional Power.

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The following article will explain the meaning of the difficulty of the hard aspects between Moon and Pluto. Or Pluto square and opposition with the Moon.

This applies to a native that has these aspects natally or by transit.

The bringer of transformation and death Pluto is most probably the most difficult energy to work with (that we know of).

One of the most important things to grasp with Pluto is that it takes a long time to work with it to yield results in real life. This can be especially difficult in a society where immediate results are expected of us and it’s ingrained in our psyche that You must get quick results everywhere.

The energy or force of Pluto doesn’t work like this. It takes years of putting in efforts, transformation, feeling, and experiencing pain to finally be able to see the results of it.

You might imagine, this is not so pleasant to experience.

For some, that are born with this aspect, matters are even a bit more serious. Because they carry this energy with them.

But even with Pluto transits the difficult effects of it can be and most often, will be felt for long periods of time.

Pluto takes time to pound You to the ground and diminish the identity of who You once were.

Not because it gets some sick pleasure out of it, no. But to bring You the true identity of who You are and destroy who You are not.

You might imagine, destruction is not super comfortable. Rather, it’s painful and the human mind wants to escape it.

There is no escape with Pluto. The only way out is through, without the hope of even getting through.

Pluto makes You beg and forces You on Your knees. And once You are there it doesn’t stop, it piles on its deep sense of powerlessness until You finally let go (because You believe You can’t go on).

If the letting go is truthful, if the destruction has been enough, You might come out of it with a new sense of purpose, power, and liberation from the darkness who You once were.

You have to die.

And if You haven’t experienced this, it is very uncomfortable. Almost unbearable.

That’s what Pluto does, it makes it so uncomfortable that You cry for help but there’s no answer.

And exactly at the time when You finally stop resisting, stop controlling, release and let go, it brings You the power You have been seeking. But You can’t fake letting go (believe me, I have tried). It has to be true suffering, only then You will truly let go.

Which brings us to our other participant in the configuration, the Moon.

The Moon represents our emotional life, our inner sense of security, our home life, our emotional well-being, our early home environment, our family, our mother.

Our emotional needs are a big one here to mention here as well. In ancient astrology, it also represents the body and our public image.

The Moon is most often considered soft and feminine, with feelings and emotions involved. But it’s also important to remember that the Moon is a Cardinal sign. That means, action-oriented.

Although sometimes considered passive, Cancers ruled by the Moon are very active in life. Some passive-aggressiveness goes along with it but still, a very action-oriented sign.

When we put these two together in a hard aspect at least some action is bound to ensue.

Shortly I must also mention the square aspect. The square aspect to me means internal or external pressure, that drives us towards action. And sometimes this can mean something painful being done to us to inflict that wound that now needs to be healed or worked on. Or some sort of difficulty that needs to be overcome.

In more technical terms, a square aspect is a 90-degree difference between planets. I usually give an orb of 4 degrees but I have seen working with people that this can be influencing the native even if it’s 10 degrees apart. In some cases, we can talk about even the “sign-based square as well”. Meaning, the planets (in this case Pluto and The Moon) are 4 signs apart from each other. Or in the 4th sign from one another.

In this example, we can see a sign based square going on between The Moon and Pluto.

The opposition is a 180-degree aspect or a difference between the planet. It is very similar to the square, meaning similar things can manifest during this transit or with the configuration natally.

In this example, we can see a very exact opposition between The Moon and Pluto. Almost exactly 180 degrees.

Some differences between the aspects:

  1. With the opposition, it is more internal. With the square, it is most often more external. More action required more physical manifestations, more physical aggression. As with the opposition, it is more psychological warfare that is used.
  2. Both are intense but the intensity of the square is more obvious. The opposition is deeper and harder to grasp often.

If You consider all of the things I mentioned You can see we have a bit of a situation in our hands.

But what are some common manifestations in real life that this configuration can cause?

  1. A deep fear of being manipulated by someone.
  2. Manipulating others without realizing it.
  3. Deep emotional trauma and control inflicted upon the individual by the early home environment. Most often by the mother or mother figure. Or sometimes the father. But originating from the home environment/family.
  4. Emotional manipulation and control from outside forces. Or doing it themselves onto others.
  5. Sudden emotional reactions and the individual does not know where these reactions are coming from. But usually, these are suppressed emotions coming to the surface.
  6. Deep pain triggered and coming to the surface (especially by transit).
  7. Suppression of deep emotions. Suppressing them to an extent that the individual doesn’t even know that they are there.
  8. Power struggles and games with women, maternal figures, family members.
  9. A deep fear of something but the inability to understand what it is.
  10. Emotionally sabotaging Your current relationships. Being afraid of manipulation there.

As You can see, living with this configuration even for a transit that lasts a month is uncomfortable. Or a year. Not to even mention, being born with this influence in Your life.

What can be done or how can one start to unravel the deep emotional turmoil but with it, a deep emotional power?

  1. Any kind of therapy that works with the subconscious and helps to bring things suppressed to the surface to be dealt with.
  2. Energy healing but still hand in hand with some sort of inner work or therapy.
  3. Meditation. This is always my favorite because humans can do it themselves.
  4. Learning to be with and understanding Your emotions. I have a video on how to do it on Youtube. You can check it out here:
  5. Learning about psychology, astrology. Anything deeper that works with the psyche of the human. Archetypes are also a good example of this.
  6. And then when the wounds have been brought to the surface, looking at them and dealing with them head-on.

Some metaphysical remedies for the transit and to use as “helpers” during the more difficult period. What I have seen happen with these is that it takes out or grounds some of that hard to deal with energy in a person’s life. And in addition brings the individual the right kind of therapists, information, etc that they need to heal the wound and move on.

  1. Take a glass jar of something made of glass (Moon) and put some water (Moon) and sand (Pluto) in it. Always best to have it somewhere safe where You can glance upon it from time to time. Meditating with it or focusing on it can also yield results. Or help ground that energy.
  2. Find an amulet or a necklace with a snake (Pluto) made of glass (Moon). For extra influence, see if You can find glass that is of darker color (Pluto).

Remember that these metaphysical remedies are there to help You not heal You completely. Inner work is also necessary, and they should work hand in hand.

I hope this helps You on Your journey towards a healthier emotional life and if You put in the effort some of those relationships with the family can be healed as well.

And once You start revealing the pain and healing it, You will start to see the importance of this wound being inflicted upon You. Because, if You manage to transform it, the true emotional power that comes with that transformation will serve You greatly in this lifetime. And quite possibly in the next ones as well.

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