Rewards From My Dreams

Image source: Private collection. Kalamaja, Tallinn, Estonia.

Rightfully so, You can let go
Of the tight grip twisting and turning in Your soul
But oh, wait, can You feel the subtle taste of love?
If not, I can raise the bar, it’s been dragging in the mud
Suddenly I realize too far, living at large
I board the barge with my camouflage
Restless waters await, I want to keep my little boy safe
I hesitate and step forward, almost standing still the pace
Of which I’ve taken, or is it?
Is it so fast I’ve mistaken it as stagnant?
Am I moving gradually? With an ponderous undertone to boot?
I hope so, I want to have faith but I just don’t know
This has been a long road
Now I must sleep and reap the rewards from my dreams


Ian Altosaar

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