Each Breath

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash Each breath is an invitation to go deeper within Your being. Each moment is another request for You to open up to the miracle that is You. There needs to be no fuss about this. No shouting, no “taking names”. Just continuous presence and a deepening Your commitment to life and to … Read more

My Day

Image source: Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash Thoughts of the day They unravel as I am Unbelievably angry Or incredibly happy I see them, feel for them Some, full of pain Get noticed only when circumstances arise Others, enjoyable for quite some time Nothing more to say Just slowly pray before bed Hoping Tomorrow will be somewhat of … Read more

Overwhelming Presence

Image source: Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash It’s in these empty spaces I find myself the fullest An experience so rich My heart breaks into a million pieces A subtle glance An expression of Your soul In those moments I feel whole Ian Altosaar


Image source: Photo by Jasmin Causevic on Unsplash So much to do so much to see It feels like I’m in the middle of it for real Visioning it into being Reasoning with it To experience healing Seemingly happening within each moment Disappointed about the pace Reminded, this is not a race Putting down my gloves Sipping tea and … Read more


Image source: Photo by Uljana Maljutina on Unsplash It all starts with simple things Simple conversations Glances that last for a short second That can turn into A lifetime of joy, love and happiness The defining moments Of my life Have all started with something small A calling from within Turned into action on the outside These roads have … Read more

The Presence Of The Mind

Image source: Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash What vision What a sight Lo and behold The transformation of might True strength and courage Accumulate over time I sit and pay homage To the people at my side Such power in sitting I find it fitting To acknowledge the twisting And turning of my insides Am I resisting? Or … Read more

Stillness Within Madness

Image source: Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/action-adventure-aerial-aerial-shot-312105/ Patience is key You see and I see The mind comes in a hurry That’s when I need to stay sturdy Just sitting seems fitting Being and waiting This all looks like an appropriate setting If only I wasn’t so damn concerned about the ratings! Safely … Read more


Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/architecture-bridge-buildings-canal-534077/ I am my own companion Looking into windows Don’t know those people They seem to have a good time The pain rips through Self inflicted pain Ideas of how things should be Deemed bad by me Just sitting with myself now I’ve been down this road before It takes time for me … Read more


Image source: My private collection. Somewhere near Viljandi, Estonia. It is in the newness where the soul resides It awaits, longing for the return of the king Or queen Unfortunately It is always searching Grasping for new realms Not yet created It has always been like this We are born explorers Of minds, bodies New … Read more