Image source: Private collection

Can You see the shadows?
Can You feel them?
Can You hear them?
What do they say?
Is it hurt they’re expressing?
Now You see them
Now You feel them
They are loud!
They’re intent isn’t malevolent
Oh no
Quite the opposite
They sing songs of Your past
Some might say even epic songs
Songs of pain and endurance
Of cry and laughter
Shame and prudence
Reminding You who You were and still are
But their love is intense
Almost intolerable
Twisting and turning You inside and out
In agony and ecstasy
Will You love this? They ask with a monotone voice
I want to, You reply with sadness and a shivering voice
Yes it’s scary
But it’s even scarier what’s on the other side
Love and freedom
Are You willing to accept these gifts?



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