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I feel fear now
The metallic feel of the sensation grabbed me by the throat
I’m helpless with it
I’m like a kid at a candy store with no money to buy candy
It hurts
The weight in my arms has doubled
They are like wooden thumps, soaked in salty sea water and brought on shore by the tide
I sit with it
Breathe all the heaviness in
The sensations remind me of a young oak tree
Durable and strong but insecure when there’s a storm brewing
There’s a hole where my heart lay a few days ago
I know it’s still there, flickering like a fading star
A broken light bulb in a forsaken dark hut somewhere in the mountains
The knowing will have to do for now
I contemplate with an aching heart and mind
As this moment comes to an end
Take care as You tend to Your mend My good friend



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