Slaves To The Energies That Surround Us

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Full disclosure! The title of this piece is meant to draw Your attention to it. Some people have popularized the term “click-bait”, this applies here as well.

During my recent exploration into the field of astrology, it has become clear to me how much we as humans are influenced by the energies of this universe.

It’s been a humbling journey into myself and my personal control issues as well. These are some of my findings so far.

An earthly example is always a good reference point.

I’ve had a somewhat long Mercury opposition Venus transit in my chart. Venus = women( among other things), Mercury = communication(among other things). Almost every day no matter how much I’ve wanted to control this, I’ve had an argument with my partner. There have been some moments where I’ve been able to realize the energy affecting our everyday life and been able to stay calm, collected and communicate my understanding, as well as my needs to her.

Some moments I’ve completely lost myself into this powerful energetic influence, heated arguments have followed.

To the doubters out there, I only discovered this influence after we had a couple of arguments already. Then I started asking questions and it led me to this energetic influence.

Why are these powers there in the first place?

A very simple answer is to learn and grow from, to learn to live in communion with this realm of existence.

We are meant to master this realm of energy as well as this earthly plane in order to live a more fulfilled life. Because in doing that our relationships become more easeful and harmonious. Our work and family lives as well. Everything that surrounds us.

Knowing about these influences and mastering them is a very earthly job, contrary to popular opinion.

What do I mean by mastering them?

Being aware of what is happening within us and outside of us. Listening to our minds, intuitions, feelings, emotions, promptings, bodies. And after that taking action, responding or inquiring more. This is a lifelong journey. Or even many lifetimes.

There is more for us to discover here on this planet. I hope You join me in this search for deeper meaning and understanding of our reality.

Ian Altosaar

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