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For the intellectual mind and the emotional side of a being to work together, a synastry has to happen.

How might one go about doing that?

Asking questions. So if there is a perceived emotional reaction in the being and that is followed by the thought, how can we take a break and see if it’s an old learned pattern that no longer serves us, or it’s actually a thought we want to give energy to?

Let’s take a common example of neediness in a romantic relationship or any relationship for that matter.

So let’s say You are not getting the attention You desire from another person, it happens from time to time. If the emotional side is still young and under development, this might really hurt someone, deeply. So the thoughts that might come up are for example “I’m worthless” or “I don’t deserve love”. I realize that these are extreme examples but necessary in order to paint a vivid image of the situation.

Now the next question can be “Am I really?” or “Is it really so?”

Then one can take a moment and ponder on the actual inner worth they possess and see that although it might hurt them emotionally, their actual self-worth is still intact.

Ian Altosaar

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