Image source: Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash For the intellectual mind and the emotional side of a being to work together, a synastry has to happen. How might one go about doing that? Asking questions. So if there is a perceived emotional reaction in the being and that is followed by the thought, how can we take a … Read more

The Human Subconscious

Image source: Photo by Jesse Gardner on Unsplash The human subconscious Is so rich, so powerful I’m in awe of it’s vastness My heart breaks a little Each time I think about The fact that I might not Get to know everything about it When I fall asleep I’m thankful for my dreams They give my life meaning And … Read more

The Mind And It’s Paradoxes

Image source: Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash It’s funny how I still want to prevent things Not being cheated on or global warming or terrorism Those are all fine things to prevent Although a lot of it is me not wanting to feel the pain associated with those things Not wanting to be controlled And then again controlling … Read more