The Practice Of Sitting With Ourselves

Image source: Photo by Bradley Davis on Unsplash

The following is my feedback or sharing of my experience in a Facebook group. I found it worthwhile to share here as well.

“Can definitely relate. I believe one of the greatest challenges for me right now is being with the idea or thought that I don’t belong anywhere. It is like a nagging whisper somewhere in the back of my mind.

Even with people I enjoy being with and have expressed their desire to spend time with me.

What spoke to me in Your post is the knowing of Your own naivety. I believe I’m so acutely aware of it myself in my own experience that I have on occasion judged myself as being really stupid.

What has helped?

I’ve experienced that if I sit with myself long enough I can see meaning and meaningless in everything. So this can be an excuse to do nothing or be nothing. But in all actuality, this can give an individual tremendous freedom. So You are not approaching things from a point that they have to have meaning or purpose. You just see things as they are, things. Or humans as they are, humans. At that moment the judgment of there being no purpose or too much purpose can fade away and we are free to do anything we actually desire. Be it leading a men’s group or sleeping till noon.

Or in other words, we stop mind fucking ourselves from living or not living. We become sovereign. Because the decisions we now make come from a different place than our trauma minds or someone else’s ideas.”

Ian Altosaar

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