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The following was originally a discussion on Facebook. It is something I’ve been concerned about for a while now. Setting boundaries and how to set them in a more balanced way. As individuals and as communities.

“But I’m terribly frightened about the growing teachings about narcissistic use of self-worth. And practices quotes that literally praise this kind of behavior. It’s like we lost our boundaries and now in order to get them back, we need to drift into the other side of the spectrum? I don’t think it’s actually necessary.

There are extreme examples of course. Not denying that. Are we just building a cold, narcissistic planet? Where at the sight of the slightest discomfort we are gone from the situation? No strength, no commitment, no fucking help to others?

I really hope there are individuals who can see the truth in this. That it’s somewhere in the middle. With healthy boundaries for all involved.

Unfortunately, we again might have to learn through extremes.

We can actually choose this ourselves. Which road to take is up to us.”

Ian Altosaar

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