Like Spikes

Image source: Photo by Dan Hadfield on Unsplash Open kite A variety of rites Of passages Through the night Kindly reminded me What was once lost Can You see the way You feel? To others Pain strikes Like spikes They pierce the camouflage I saw You tonight Ian Altosaar

Nightstand’s Wheel

Image source: Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash This pasty kid Took the lid From under the nightstand’s wheel Nifty was this kid Who took the lid From the nightstand’s wheel Guess who did? The dirty deed Of stealing the nightstand’s wheel So he kneeled Right before he felt Remorse for what he did A dire need Was coursing … Read more

The Truth of Me

Image source: Photo by Evelyn from Pexels The depth of me makes me cry So beautiful inside I take myself for a loving ride Tenderness is at my side Knowing myself so deeply So freaking sweetly Takes time I will do it discreetly My heart is flickering Like a fading star So beautiful and … Read more


Image source: Gently up my chest Pouring in Pure love So it begins Feeling my heart Come light me up from afar Like a little boy I feel inside sometimes Innocent and playful Giggly and sweet A blonde haired miracle of life stomping my feet In puddles Exploring life anew Eyes filled with joy … Read more