Image source: There is so much So much beauty in the world If I stop and listen Feel and ponder My heart goes boom! And it’s never the same again My dear friend It seems we are laughing at the world’s end Looking upon something that’s lasts an eternity All borders melt, identities vanish …

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Until I Rise

Image source: It doesn’t really matter Knowing pain is knowing Yourself Why do I choose this? Because it’s sweeter than a woman’s kiss What’s real anymore? Who can I trust? Right on the cusp Standing as I must Believe, believe in Yourself Quiet whispers remain Like the weather just before the rain Going into …

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Life’s Ever Flowing Current

Image source: It moves subtly It glides It has tides It confides Abides by the rules of the universe Timely Brutally honest Innocently happy You can choose to ride it Or elect to hide within it It will go on regardless Taking everything and everyone with it There’s a chance You might get burnt …

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The Wind

Image source: Let the wind embrace you Step into it Let it hold you Feel the nurturing essence of life Of nature, taking care of you Looking after you Holding you  As the warmth of the breeze blows through you It is here You are here Love is here With love, Ian Altosaar

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