The Dance of Life

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The death of a moment can break Your heart
It can remind You all that was
And it’s gone

Life on this planet can seem cruel
With all the little deaths happening all at once
Only when we have time to reflect upon them
We can see life in it as well

All those moments we wished that would last forever
They didn’t
Those people are gone, they are living their new lives
Just like we
All those connections broken
But somewhere deep down they live on

Can we remember to cherish those moments?
Keep a place within ourselves for those people?
For the good times and the bad?

I’m glad I’ve lived such a rich life
With many people, men and women crossing my path
You have enriched this sometimes empty existence with Your strange perspectives on life
I hope You have the courage to still think differently
To open up to new ideas
New horizons

I hope You can treasure the small things in life
The smile of a loved one
Embracing one another
Sharing a good story
Engaging in conversation

I know we all enjoy the big moments in life
They are amazing
But doing our best to value these moments in between
Will give much richness to this experience

It will give more meaning to the seemingly mundane

But wait, take a listen
Hold on, for just a second
Then let go
The dance of life goes

Ian Altosaar

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