The Day I Fell In Love With The Echo Of The Trees

Image source: Picture I took while pondering about the existence of life. Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa.

The simplicity of the trees
I now can see, feel deep inside
Read their language I cannot
But I feel the ease of their breeze

They are surrendered to life
And with that they thrive
They move with the wind
They grow with the rain
They hold the heaviness of the snow
They bloom with the brightness of the sun
Quietly, going about their business

The raw beauty of their wisdom breaks my heart
They are so smart, at large, reaching far
Hard and soft, I fell in love with them
I cherish them burning brightly
The scent of them pierces me rightly
I sit awake nightly declaring my appreciation for them
They whisper words of wisdom and old knowledge
Listening them blowing in the wind
Breaks my heart again
A sound so beautiful
Today we move as one

Yours in the wind,

Ian Altosaar

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