The Fight Between The Masculine and The Feminine

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Something I’ve been observing lately within myself and it’s reflected back to me fiercely in outer circumstances. The fight between the masculine and feminine energies. Men fighting men, men fighting women, women fighting women etc. A lot of conflict has happened during the past few months. It’s been there within me, in my life and in the world as well.

What I have become to learn in all this is that we really don’t listen to each other. We are coming from our own wounding in the responses we give before we even listen to what the other person has to say. But really listening to someone else takes a lot of practice. It requires presence within myself and  true knowing of pain. It requires empathy.

It’s been humbling for me personally. Slowly learning to listen to both sides that live within me and then taking that to the world. Because we are all hurting (I am). And the stuff that we say has a lot of wounding, pain behind it. That pain wants to be listened to, it wants to be heard, acknowledged. Only then we can move on and create from a healthy place in the world. (The feminine and the masculine coming together.) The feminine side wants me to feel, take my time and the masculine wants me to create, be assertive, go out and fight for something (alchemize those wounds into gold.)

So I urge You to listen, really listen to what the other person has to say (as well listening what’s truly happening within You, what are You called to do.) And then when You’ve taken all that in, find a place in Yourself that knows whether to respond or just be with that person. Then You are coming from a healthy, grounded place within. That’s where the truth lies. Under all the triggers, wounding and pain. That’s where the true gold sits. Waiting to be found.


With love,


Ian Altosaar

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