The Grim Reaper

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The Grim Reaper
Disguised as Your own judgmental
Full of despair thoughts
Finds You
He actually never left
He waited
Until You were alone

The silence of his murderous presence
Reeks into the room
Darkness follows
The inability to let go of Your obsession
At times seems very cruel
Unbearably so

Folded into a pocket
It’s nagging presence follows Your every move
It is as lonely as You are in reality
That’s why it hates Your clarity

The depth of Your own presence is tested here
You might get restless here
But I promise You, just for a moment, the end is near
Clear as skies Your thoughts can be
If You stop for a second and see
There is nothing in between
You, God and creation
Beneath it all
All the emptiness and searching
Meaningless torturing of human senses
There is You
The only one who knows so truly
About this
The force awakens
Your pace quickens
The distaste for a moment flickers
And it’s gone
You are reborn
Your soul is free
From the loneliness by which it was plagued by
Now go run
Do not hide
Fight the good fight
Write rhymes
Abide by the people
Confide in nature
Prosper and seek improvement from yesterday
Say Your goodbyes
Until You return to from what You came from
From the nothingness and fullness of creation

Remember the lessons
These will help You in similar times
Laughter and sadness truly go side by side
They exist for You to exist in them
You are the creator of those two
You will forgive through them
When all seem lost
Whatever the cost
Search and search if You must
Let go and trust
Until his presence
Graces You with his reverence

Ian Altosaar

For an audio version of this poem go to:!/@ianaltosaar/20180429t083013731z-the-grim-reaper

It’s part of a series called the Path of the Modern Day Mystic.

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