Opening Up Trust

Image source: Photo by Jonathan Klok on Unsplash

Sometimes the pain I feel is hidden in the not knowing of it. So, for example, the minute I realize what is happening within myself, ease follows. As I question what is happening around me, answers will come.

The good thing about this is that there is always help available for us. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned not to listen to this internal and external guidance. This is undoubtedly sad because we are in essence stopping the always open dialogue with God.

Now Your version of God can be the Universe or Krishna or something entirely different. But it is important to realize the distinction between the religious God and the God I’m talking about. Religious God’s are usually man thought up entities used to control people through fear. The God I am talking about is actually one that can offer freedom.

Opening up the dialogue through trust.

This idea or concept can be quite vague so I will explain further.

Have You ever let the wind really pierce You? Not just think how the wind is affecting You in this particular moment? A dialogue with nature is a key component of this. As You begin to discover something connection worthy outside of You, trust starts to build.

Make moments in nature something You search for, they will add up and Your judgmental mind will start to dissolve as You see some beauty in the world.

Ian Altosaar

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