The Streets of Hoolahuu

Image source: Photo by Pille Kirsi from Pexels

I know You’ve felt it a lot
Screams of the night
They hold truth at their core
Basking in the silence after
Brings up serendipitous mysticism
I feel like I’m floating in it
Staying true, I conclude
Love looks just like a fool
In costume, wandering the streets of Hoolahuu
Breaking bread, feasting in to the night
Drooling over the luscious curves of the feminine
His body aches, blinded by his desire
He wears a blindfold, holding on for dear life
I hope he will slowly come back to
His own being, because he is me
In stillness we will see our own might
And together be free inside the glow
Of our soul

Ian Altosaar

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