The TRUTH Behind Thinking and Telling People That You Have More SPIRITUAL Knowledge And Wisdom

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In the midst of spiritual crisis (spiritual leaders turning out to be rapists and cult leaders, for example, = Bikram Yoga guy, Osho) and awakening on this planet, one reoccurring theme is rearing its head.

People on the spiritual path, on the path of becoming aware of themselves, have made this into a power struggle and competition.

Meaning, some people who have been on the path longer are telling other people who haven’t been on the journey as long that they have more wisdom and are more developed than the so-called spiritual and self-development “rookies”.

This is a dangerous pattern and I will shed light on what is behind this mistake in human consciousness.

Although the statement might sometimes be true, that a certain person possesses more spiritual knowledge and access to it than the other one, the people saying it haven’t yet learned the humility and true power that comes with that position.

Most often this statement comes out of the “spiritual veteran” when they themselves feel powerless deep down and in all actuality want more power over others. Or in this case the “rookies”.

Very often this is to do with love and also the material form of love. Called money.

Meaning the more experienced ones say those things to get the “dunces” to give out cash for the spiritual services they are able to provide. And not trusting that the “rookie” will make the decision themselves, they start to manipulate the person by saying that “they are more experienced and have more knowledge.”

If You are in that situation it is better for You to leave immediately. You don’t want to learn and be taught by a teacher who thinks and believes that they are better than You.

They will subconsciously start controlling You and this can turn ugly pretty fast.

The deeper fear behind this is that they will not be able to support and sustain themselves materially if You leave them and don’t buy their services. They haven’t yet learned about the infinite resources this reality has. They haven’t faced the fear of losing money, or not having money. (Personally know how painful this one is).

Another popular place this happens is in relationships.

Two people meet in a romantic or friendship type relationship. But one of them has a wound that has not yet been healed. Meaning, they are scared to lose the love of the other.

Instead of meeting and dealing with the wound, they start controlling the “spiritual novice” by saying that they are “emotionally more powerful” and “spiritually more evolved.”

You can probably see how painful and dangerous this pattern already is.

Now if the “rookie” is in an emotionally unstable place, looking for validation outside, they might stay with the person or teacher and end up being manipulated and controlled very deeply.

Sometimes even to the extent of giving the “false guru” or “teacher” their earthly possessions.

Or end up in an emotionally abusive romantic relationship.

In order for the “rookie” to grow, they have to start building character and fixing the empty holes within themselves. Usually, the ones that were not validated by the parents.

In truth, we all have access to consciousness and “spirituality”. Or Spirit for that matter.

The teachers worth learning from are the ones who are powerfully humble. Those who know their worth and the worth of their students.

Who spend their lives uplifting and giving freedom to humans. Not manipulating and controlling them.

Watch out for this pattern and stay safe out there!

Ian Altosaar

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