The Phases of Spiritual Awakening – Explained Through Astrology, Phase 10 = The Integration

Life makes no sense? Everything everyone talks about lacks all kinds of substance? Been through a traumatic and life changing experience? People have died or left Your life unexpectedly in other ways? Congratulations! You are on the spiritual path and the awakening has already begun. Last video of the series! The Integration! As You have … Read more

The Difficult Energy Of Scorpio

One of the most difficult energies to deal with is the Scorpio energy. Wherever You have it in Your birth chart. Especially if it’s Your Sun, Moon or Ascendant. The conundrum of this energy is that at Your core (or subconsciously) You want to feel so, so deeply. And at the same time, You are … Read more

The TRUTH Behind Thinking and Telling People That You Have More SPIRITUAL Knowledge And Wisdom

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash In the midst of spiritual crisis (spiritual leaders turning out to be rapists and cult leaders, for example, = Bikram Yoga guy, Osho) and awakening on this planet, one reoccurring theme is rearing its head. People on the spiritual path, on the path of becoming aware of themselves, have … Read more

Pluto Square SUN In The Birth Chart. How You Lost Your POWER? And How To Reclaim it?

Photo by Luiza Braun on Unsplash In this article, I will dissect the meaning of the Pluto square Sun aspect in a person’s natal chart. This is a difficult aspect with a lot of potential for personal transformation and finding Your own power. Unfortunately, this also means that somewhere in Your past, Your power was … Read more

Humans First

Image source: I’m terrified of failure. It’s one of the things I cannot seem to shake no matter how much I feel or take action, learn, face my demons or live on this planet. I’m just terribly afraid of failing. There is one very good reason for this. You see for me, failing means … Read more

Abundance of Experience and Creation

Image source: If I have the knowing that I have everything at my disposal at all times, maybe in other realms, then there is only abundance. Fear of lack: The mind races “Oh my God, if I don’t do this, then I wont have this, then they will think that I’m this, then I … Read more

Nobody Cares About You

Image source: My private collection. Me doing funny faces and drinking fancy lemonade at a hipster restaurant in Pärnu, Estonia. The restaurant itself is called Supelsaksad. I don’t have any connection to the restaurant other than I loved our visit there and the food was absolutely delicious. You should go and visit them if You … Read more

How to Find Your Own Personal Inner Truth?

Image source: My private collection. On a marsh island, Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa. This is literally going to be one of those articles that teaches You how to do something. Exactly like Cosmos “How to turn on Your man with these 5 easy tricks?” Or “74 ways to help You find Your purpose easily!” I hate those … Read more