The TRUTH Of Which Is You

Photo by Robin Benad on Unsplash

Is there a desire?
To get something?
To get somewhere?
To be somebody?
Maybe life hasn’t taught You well
Because You are already somebody
Does this ring a bell?
In Your quest to become more special and successful You have forgotten the deepest place within Yourself that already knows, You are especially not special
You are made of stardust that is the same as everything
It is You
From this place and knowing
It is easier to conquer the world so to speak
Because You know that You can not be any more special than anyone else
Or anything else
A place of grown-up oneness within Yourself needs to be reached
For You to really start working together with Yourself
Because from That place, You don’t need to have power over the other
Love or energy flows freely through You
With the knowledge that there is always plenty to go around
And there is always more for You
More wisdom to seek
More experiences to have
Nothing can ever stop You because You are always growing and always evolving regardless of death or life

There is unbelievable depth to Your being and knowing
It is only up to You to be open to receive
The truth of which is You

Ian Altosaar

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