The Waiting

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I don’t know right now
And it’s okay
Today I’m not okay with the not knowing
And that’s okay too
It might be to soon?
Though it is the full moon
Feel like I can touch You with my fingertips
Feel You in front of me
Maybe I’m making it too magical?
If so that wouldn’t be so tragic
I want to feel You under me
Locked into one, let Yourself come undone
In the good and the bad, ugly and beautiful
Let’s come together, my sweetest feather
Don’t be so mean, one can only dream
Letting Yourself go, to be loved and to hold
Me dear in Your heart
That’s where we should meet, between the stars
The Milky way and even Mars
Lies the depth of our hearts
So vast, so large
I can hear You calling me
This is where it all starts

Ian Altosaar

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