Your Own Death Can’t Possibly Await You, It Actually Longs For You

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It longs for You to arrive
You’ve taken huge strides
Living Your life
Now it is time to die

The coldness of which You imagine it to be
Can only be surpassed by the warmth of this experience
You see, when a part of You dies
It dies because it is ready to die
It is ready to be reborn
Become whole

This does not have to be a dramatic, special effects kind of deal
This might be You, in Your sweatpants, crying Yourself to sleep
But what happens inside those moments
A connection is made to Source, to God
Which in all actuality is You
Just through a different lens

At the time of writing this
I feel like I’m halfway dead
In my bed, head buried on my pillows
This will take more time
More allowing of death to arrive
Sadness to move through
And some quiet, alone time to boot

Then it will come
Hungry for life
After it’s done
Feasting on Your insides

Ian Altosaar

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