To My Woman


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To My Woman, where ever and whoever You might be…

I want to fill You up with My sex
I want to fill You up with desire
I want to see You drip
I want to make You beg for it
I want to make You wait for it, until You can’t wait no more and then a little bit more..
I want to see You bite your lip
I want to devour Your pussy with My mouth
I want to see You burst like a fountain
I want to take a break and look into Your eyes
I want to enter You slowly, feel You under Me
I want to open You up, crazed by desire
I want You to moan and scream My name
I want to receive all of that with My presence
I want Us to not speak but do, We’ll speak after
I want to fuck You hard, tell You what to do
I want to talk dirty to You and say how beautiful You are
I want to make yummy noises into Your pussy
I want You to ride me like it’s the last ride of Your life
I want to slow down, just for a second
I want to keep going and going until we are both sweaty and sticky
I want to take a shower with You and keep going
I want to push You against the wall and make You mine
I want to respect You and love You all the way

Burning with desire, love


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