Two SPIRITUAL Teachers. Or The FIGHT Between The MOTHER And FATHER Archetype.

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In the midst of spiritual awakening and revolution, I find myself in deep introspection as the year closes.

One of my inquiries lately has been around the thought “I’m not good enough.” Or “How to be good enough?”

These inquiries come from personal struggles as well as seeing the struggles of others.

I think these thoughts might be the most prominent ones in our current human society.

In one of my meditations or sittings as I call them, I understood that one part of current spirituality is built upon the idea of “Never being good enough.” Or “I always need to improve myself.”

This is the energy or thought process of the Father archetype. Or I might even add to it, the very strict Father archetype.

This energy is mostly used by men or women who identify themselves more with masculine energy.

The thought process of the strict Father is one of “You always need to do better no matter what!” It wants You to improve constantly, never resting, and all of Your achievements are not important for the Father.

In the real world, this can mean working long hours, being critical of others, the world, being critical of children, pets, the society at large.

Having strict boundaries, crazy routines, only work work mentality. Achievements, challenge and creating in the world.

Underneath it, there’s this sensation of “I’m still not good enough.” “I have to do more.”

I must admit here that I have stepped into this energy lately too much. And it can be seen in my writing.

If not balanced with the Mother archetype energy, this will lead to burnout and a general feeling of “I’m never good enough.”

Now the Mother archetype steps in.

The Mother archetype is all accepting and all-loving. It has no boundaries. Its main goal is to nurture and love, support and accept You the way You are. For the Mother, everything is always enough. The energy is all-loving and all-encompassing.

You can probably see that both are necessary in the world. Both are required.

If the Father would be missing then none of us would do anything in the world.

If the Mother would be missing we would all work ourselves to the ground. We would kill ourselves.

These archetypes can be seen everywhere in the world but my observation is at the moment mostly on spiritual teachers. You can see this play out in all sorts of advice-givers and influencers alike.

Just because there is an influx of spiritual teachings coming to earth and it is very important for us to understand these energies. To not get lost in them but rather to use them to our advantage.

I would even go as far as to say that there are two separate groups of spiritual teachers currently on planet earth. Which actually means that they are using the energies of the Father and Mother archetype. And if You look closely, there is a fight between those forces. One demands more Father type things from us. And the other school of thought is asking us to embody more of the Mother archetype. This also means that there is a fight going on within us between these energies. It is about us maturing as individuals and as a species!

Using both energies is crucially important! The golden road lies in the middle.

Because imagine approaching Your spiritual growth or emotional growth life from the perspective of the Father?

A constant need to evolve, no rest, only “working on Yourself”, working long hours to “improve” Yourself? Challenging Yourself every day?

You would go crazy pretty quickly.

But imagine approaching it only from the Mother archetype?

You would just probably lay there and accept everyone as they are. And very soon You would be too fat to do anything and people would walk all over You. You wouldn’t challenge Yourself to grow, meaning Your relationships would start to fail.

This brings me to the solution.

As always, the first part of solving the problem is becoming aware of the problem. Now we know what the imbalance of these forces can do in our lives if left unchecked.

The second part is finding the actual solution. In this case, it is balance. Our ability to balance these difficult forces of nature is the key.

How to do it?

Meditation is key in my personal opinion. The best one by far. Because this empowers You instead of giving Your power away to others.

Finding counselors and mentors, guides to reflect this back at You. These are all good.

But an understanding of these forces within Your being is as equally as important as balancing them.

If You know that they are there, You can finally do something about it.

I hope this helps You to balance these forces in Your psyche.

Ian Altosaar

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