Really into conspiracy theories? You might have some daddy issues (Pluto hard aspects)

In this video, I share a psychological pattern that I’ve observed with people who are “really into conspiracy theories”. This pattern was pointed out to me years ago, by one of my teachers Eivind Skjellum. He is the founder of Reclaim Your Inner Throne (men’s work). After I was made aware of this deeper pattern … Read more

Becoming an Adult in a Child Parent Relationship Dynamic – From Child to Grown-Up

There comes a time when You mature and become independent enough that You are ready to step out of the child/parent dynamic. It usually starts happening sooner but when You are financially and materially independent, You have the capacity now to grow up and become an adult within that relationship. The relationship changes from child/parent … Read more

Two SPIRITUAL Teachers. Or The FIGHT Between The MOTHER And FATHER Archetype.

Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash In the midst of spiritual awakening and revolution, I find myself in deep introspection as the year closes. One of my inquiries lately has been around the thought “I’m not good enough.” Or “How to be good enough?” These inquiries come from personal struggles as well as seeing the … Read more