Understanding YOURSELF

Photo by Tiard Schulz on Unsplash

Understanding and knowing Yourself deeply equal freedom and liberation from the bondage of the past.

If You desire to be free and experience freedom, You should go towards the things that teach You about Yourself.

Which in all truth are most things in reality.

So the quest actually becomes to be present enough to get the lessons from Your life and the experiences You are having.

That’s where the deep knowing of Yourself can happen. Only if You are wise enough to make some observations of the things happening in Your life and with You.

Because if You just go through the motions without understanding that You are actually constantly learning about Yourself, then life becomes meaningless and instead of getting to know oneself, You are in all actuality moving away from Yourself and freedom that knowing You can bring.

A very small distinction but an important one to make.

It is as if someone is constantly showing You the mirror where all the deep secrets about Yourself reside. And instead of looking into that mirror You put Your head under the sand and pretend that You are living Your life.

Looking in the mirror is painful, yes.

At times.

But it’s also equally intriguing and quite magnificent as well.

Ian Altosaar

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