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When there’s enough emotion.

The entirety of a person’s intent can change.

Or in other words.

If the emotion is powerful enough, the individual can change their entire being in ways unimaginable.

From an addict to a creative human being who has a desire for life.

From a saint to sinner.

From a whore to a nun.

From a loser to a winner.

From a lover to a hater.

These extremes are all actually created by emotion.

If You want to change Yourself, gather and cultivate emotion towards Your desires.

Thought creates emotion. And if You let it, emotion creates thought.

With powerful thoughts come powerful emotions which in turn lead to amazing things. As well as transformations of one’s life.

In all directions. Bet it “good” or “bad”.

It is Your job as a human being to guide those thoughts and emotions in the direction that is most suitable for You.

If You want something, change Your thoughts and Your emotions about it.

And create new ones.

That is how creation works.

Ian Altosaar

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