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This has been boiling inside of me for a long time. I do not yet know what’s the real reason I’m writing this but I feel it needs to be done.

I came across an article in my home country of Estonia, where the president of our nation decided to give a retired footballer a medal for his services to our country. To me this seems like extreme ignorance. I have a few questions about it that come to mind.

What? Really? What about all the garbage men cleaning our city, who clean our filth every single day? What about the emergency workers? Maintenance men/women? Firefighters? Where are their rewards? Or the teachers? I mean the list goes on and on. And medals? What about we figure out how to feed our people as well as find a way for everyone to sleep in a warm bed at night? We have these wasteful ceremonies and parades for borderline stupid stuff. Which really don’t serve anything or anyone anymore. If we want to give out awards so badly, let’s celebrate each person on this planet, for just being.

I have a solution for You. Let’s look at our own bullshit right in the face. I mean let’s get really down to it. Where am I bullshitting Myself? Is it this parade I’m throwing for nothing? Or on a smaller scale. Why am I taking things of real value for granted and placing almost humongous value on things that don’t matter at all? Are we really that blind to life? It’s right there in front of us.

If You want to talk about more practical things we can do. Sure. Let’s take all the money from the medals, parades, flags etc and build sustainable farms which produce quality food for our people. And not just “Estonians”, which is made up anyway, but for all the people. This seems so obvious to me. The question is, why aren’t we doing those things?

We value stupid shit.

Plain and simple. Growing up in this society You get bombarded by “famous” people doing “awesome” things in the world. TV shows, commercials, events etc. Eurovision song contests, Eesti laul (qualification for Eurovision) or sporting events. I mean the list is so long. Where did we get lost? When did we start putting so much worth on outer glitter, superficial stuff?

It’s easier

It’s so much easier to do than looking Yourself in the mirror every day and asking “Where am I smoking crack?” ( a term by James Altucher). What do I truly value in this world? Is it really the celebrities or what they do? Is it the next talent show or reality show? Is it honestly those things? Is it the news? Or the latest gossip magazine?

What can we do?

Start spending time with Yourself. The reason we are attracted to those things is our low self worth. Lack of love for ourselves and the fact that we are scared of that void inside of us. Darkness and pain that lives deep within us all. But I’m here to tell You, it’s not that scary. Well, it’s scary at first, but it gets easier. Turn off that shit and start living Your own life. Connecting with Your beautiful wife/husband who is sitting next to You. Spend time with Your kids if You chose to have them. Give them the attention they deserve. So that later in life instead of wondering around with no identity, they start building a strong sense of self early on. Then we have a society with healthy adults who create and lead instead of follow blindly. But most importantly, start connecting with Your true self. I’m speaking from experience here. I had no idea who I was and I’m still finding that out every day. I have to say this though, You find out what You aren’t much quicker than what You are. To me this is a step in the right direction.

With determination and love,

Ian Altosaar


All men are created equal, the inequality only happens in our minds.


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